As Baby James rolls uncontrollably through a crazy zoo you must tap anything in his way to keep him safe! Manipulate the environment to explore and progress Baby James to the exit of each stage.

Stun animals so James can ride on top of them, flip switches to activate ramps, detonate explosives, and avoid spikes!

Enjoy hand drawn cartoons, pixel art, and a rompin’ retro soundtrack.

Download the original soundtrack from Mat Washburn’s Save Baby James Soundtrack

Gameplay monkeys
Gameplay explosives
Gameplay ice spikes
Gameplay giraffe



Collect stars hidden in stages to unlock all 24 costumes including a knight, zombie, and astronaut!. The path you take through the stages can change depending on which costume James has equipped!

Gameplay spacesuit
Gameplay skull
Gameplay space hippos



Earn red stars by completing stages without taking damage. Use red stars to unlock abilities and explore previously inaccessible areas! For example you can use the full diaper ability to travel under water!

Gameplay abilities blocks
Gameplay ABC blocks



Race Baby James’ nemesis the dreaded Evil Baby! Don’t let Evil Baby get to his exit first!

Gameplay Evil Baby
Gameplay Race Evil


When James hides in the zoo you must tap breakable blocks to find which one he is hiding behind. Be careful! Some blocks have baby alligators in them! Find three baby alligators and you’re done for!

Gameplay Find Baby James
Gameplay Find Baby James 2



Download the Save Baby James OST! All songs written by Mat Washburn with Rytmik software on a Nintendo 3DS!

Download the original soundtrack from Mat Washburn: Save Baby James Soundtrack




“A charming new touch screen oriented platformer that evokes the spirit of classic SNES. Both highly challenging and oozing with personality”
-Super Game Droid

“Extremely varied and well made”